scania vci3

Original Xhorse V2.1.4 VVDI MB BGA TooL

Is Scania SDP3 v2.29 available now?

There are some free download links of Scania SDP3 v2.29 (clone?). OK to use them?

“Better not,” said by pros working for

It’s not time to use SDP3 2.29 online, probably with unknown security.

As for SDP3 software, version 2.27 is the newest one tested by many users and pros on thousands of cars. If you do wanna a Scania Diagnos & Programmer 3 (SDP3) to communicate with Scania vehicles and Scania industrial and marine engines.

It’s a crack version

Activated yet

Safe to use

Tested on Scania VCI2&Scania VCI3 diagnostic tools

Verified to work OK by professional engineers

Used in multi-languages

Used without a USB dongle

The program has been developed to support the electrical system with CAN communication. The program is used for troubleshooting, adjusting customer parameters, calibrations, conversions affecting the electrical system and updating software in control units.

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